Chapter 30 Outline

Conservative Resurgance

I. The rise of Conservatism

A. Leading Issues

  1. Taxpayer’s Revolt – 1978 – California voters led to revolt against increasing taxes by passing prop. 13
  2. Conservative religious revival
  3. Elimination of Racial Preferences 1965
  4. De-Regulation of businesses

B. Ronald Reagan and the election of 1980

  1. Campaign for president – 1980 senator Edward Kennedy’s challenge to president carter

II. The Reagan Evolution

A. Supply-Side economics (Reaganomics)

  1. Federal Tax Reduction
  2. Spending cuts

B. Deregulation

  1. “Getting government off the backs of the people”

C. Labor Unions

  1. Reagan took a tough stand against unions
  2. PATCO

D. Recession and Recovery

  1. 1982
  2. Nation suffered the worst recession
  3. Banks failed

E. Social Issues

  1. Rue Vs. Wade

F. The election of 1984

  1. Republicans nominated their popular president by acclamation.
  2. Reagan took every state except minnesota

G. Budget and trade deficits

  1. National debt tripled from $900Mil. to $2.7Tril.
  2.  U.S. Trade Deficit reached $150 billion a year

H. Impact of Reaganomics

  1. Reagan years were the huge federal deficits of $200 to $300 billion a year

III. Foreign Policy during the Reagan Years

A. Renewing the Cold War

  1. Military Buildup
  2. Central America
  3. Grenada
  4. Iran-Contra affair