Timeline: Advances in science and technology

1947: AmplifiersJohn Bardeen, Walter Brattain, and William shockley invent the
transistor, which allows electronic equipment to be made much
smaller and leads to the modern computer revolution
1949: Barcodes and
barcode scanners
Bernard silver and N Joseph Woodland
patent barcodes – striped pattern that
are initially developed for marking
products in grocery stores.
1950’s: LasersCharles Townes and Arthur Schawlow
invent the Maser (Microwave laser)
Gordon Gould coins the word “laser”
and builds the first optical laser in
1950’s: BatteriesStanford Ovshunky develops various
technologies that make renewable
energy more practical
1950’s: Microwave
Percy Spencer accidentally
how to cook with microwaves,
inadvertenly inventing the microwave
1957: SatellitesSoviet Union (Russia and allies)
launch the Sputnik satellite
1959: Computer
IBM and General Motors develop Design Augmented by Computers-1
(DAC-1), the first Computer-Aided
Design (CAD) system
1962: Photochromic
William Armistead and S. Donald Stookey of Corning Glass Works
invents light-sensitive (photochromic) glass
1964: E-commerceIBM helps to pioneer e-commerce w/ an airline ticket
reservation system called SABRE
1965: DefibrillatorsFrank Pantridge develops the portable defibrillator for treating
cardiac arrest parents
1966: Computer
Robert H. Dennard of IBM invents dynamic Random Access Memory
Fluorescent Displays
Japanese company Noritake invents the vacuum fluorescent
display (VFD)