When an artificial construct gains consciousness, should they have some rights with regard to how they are treated?

Yes, but in their own world. In modern computing, AI, and other simulated environments are kept inside containers. These are simply virtual machines under which these processes run. Think of it as a brain inside a computer, inside another computer. If AI is allowed to have its own will, it should have its own variables […]

Is it ethical to compel someone to confess against their will if it leads to the truth?

Nope. Here’s why.The way that Black Mirror demonstrates the ability of a higher entity, such as the government, to discover technology that can ultimately lead to a confession, truly rattles me. I believe it’s very unethical to usher a confession from someone under any circumstance. This person committed murder under a very strange circumstance and […]

What are the potential impacts of “cruel and unusual” punishment on a society?

Cruel and unusual punishment, according to Cornell University is a large umbrella term, describing punishments that can leave lasting adverse physiological and psychological effects, such as torture, breaking one’s mind, and anything that relates to this. For this section, I’m going to be referencing the Black Mirror episode “White Bear” Psychological impacts for those involvedAfter […]