Chapter 31 Outline

Challenges of the 21st Century2000-Present I. Intro A. Political Polarization Elections of the early 21st century revealed a nation closely divided Traditional, religious, and limited or anti-government rural areas and many suburban areas went REPUBLICAN. More diverse large urban centers and internationally minded coasts voted democrat B. Domestic policies of the George W. Bush Administration […]

Chapter 30 Outline

Conservative Resurgance I. The rise of Conservatism A. Leading Issues Taxpayer’s Revolt – 1978 – California voters led to revolt against increasing taxes by passing prop. 13 Conservative religious revival Elimination of Racial Preferences 1965 De-Regulation of businesses B. Ronald Reagan and the election of 1980 Campaign for president – 1980 senator Edward Kennedy’s challenge […]

Chapter 29 Outline

Limits of a Superpower1969 – 1980 I. Richard Nixon’s Foreign Policy A. Vietnam More than half a million U.S. troops were in Vietnam when Nixon took office. B. “Vietnamization” New president announced that he would gradually withdraw U.S. troops from Vietnam and give the South Vietnamese the money, weapons, and training they needed C. Opposition […]

Chapter 28 Outline

Promise & TurmoilThe 1960’s I. John F. Kennedy’s New Frontier A. The election of 1960 Nixon – 1960, was nominated for president. Kennedy – early 1960’s, he defeated his rivals Campaign – new medium of television. Kennedy appeared vigorous and comfortable Results – Kennedy defeated nixon by a little more than 100,000 popular votes B. […]