What are the potential impacts of “cruel and unusual” punishment on a society?

Cruel and unusual punishment, according to Cornell University is a large umbrella term, describing punishments that can leave lasting adverse physiological and psychological effects, such as torture, breaking one’s mind, and anything that relates to this.

For this section, I’m going to be referencing the Black Mirror episode “White Bear”

Psychological impacts for those involved
After watching the episode and seeing these people put everything back in its place with absolute disregard for the person, I definetely believe that the people involved may either become desensitized to graphic images, or gain an affixion to sadistic tendencies and watching others suffer. There is much debacle over whether sadism and its underlying sexual acts are mental disabilities, but I strongly believe it can catalyze those tendencies in people.

Societal Impacts

If this were to occur in the real world, humans rights activists and most of the masses would go ballistic over it. There are many layers of how fucked up wrong this is. It’s also unconstitutional, but it would harbor sense of paranoia leading up to other things such as distrust to the government and eventually something like the purge.

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