Missing APUSH Assignments

Assignments with a (-) symbol are done.

History Unfolding

  • – History Unfolding: WWII: The Long Road to D-Day (AC)
  • – History Unfolding: WWII: The War in the Pacific (AC)
  • – History Unfolding: WWII: Holding things together (at Home) (AC)
  • – History Unfolding: WWII: Wartimes Jitters and Deep-Seated Fears (AC)
  • History Unfolding: WWII The Final Triumph (AC)
  • History Unfolding: WWII: Pulling Together: mobilizing the Population (AC)
  • History Unfolding: WWII: The Industrial Powerhouse (AC)

Mastering the TEKS

  • Mastering the TEKS Pg 254 (Graphic Organizer)
  • Mastering the TEKS Pg 260 (Graphic Organizer)

Debating the documents

  • Debating the Documents: America First: Isolationism and World War II (AC)
  • Debating the Documents: Anti-Communism: Mass Hysteria or Reasonable Fear? (AC)

The rest of the stuff

  • Ideology (the vocab slides)
  • Timeline
  • Flocabulary- Vietnam
  • The Unfinished Nation: The Nuclear Age (AC)
  • Framework for Democracy: The Cold War and the Cuban Missile Crisis (AC)
  • Advances in Tech and Science
  • Your own list of 9 “flatteners”
  • Timeline
  • Civil Rights and Power Movements
  • Power Movement Notes/Questions
  • Timeline
  • Martin Luther King Jr. and the “Black Power” Debate (AC)
  • Scandals in the Government (Google Classroom)
  • Vocab Periods 8 and 9
  • Cold War Vocab
  • Civil Rights Vocab
  • Scandals and Tech Vocab