Interview – Secile Torres

(insert fake company)

Can you tell me a bit about yourself?

Quiet person, reader, likes me time, calm collected person

Why do you want this position?

Something different, new experience, expanding my skillet

What do you know about our company

Successful and good opportunity, wants to be part of it

Why should we hire you

Hard worker, dilligent, proves

What are you learning in your classes that will help you succeed in this position?

College program, coding, speech class, teaches how to give speeches, confidence

What are your strengths?

Working diligently and being the best you can,


Talking in front of people, crowds, masses, communication

This interview taught me that being the interviewer can be a little easier than being the one that is being interviewed. Anyone can be nervous in an interview, specially in a situation where the interviewer is a person of power.

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